5 Elements Therapy

Treat yourself to a relaxing Thai Massage

The 5 Element Theory

Gain a deep sense of harmony in you body, mind & spirit. We take you on an exploration trip through the exclusivity of the Thai Massage world while re-establishing the natural flow of energy in the whole body through conscious touch and intention of the 5 elements.

Each element is associated with different structures and functions in our body. Among other things, Thai Massage can be an effective means to control the five elements of our body through specific asanas, pranayama, mudras, and meditation. 

Each of the elements has what we call a ‘season’ in our cycle of life!

As sometimes said, Thai Massage is “Yoga for Lazy People”. It means that the practitioner does Yoga for you. And, just a little bit deeper, a bit further than you can do it yourself.

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