Frequently Asked Questions

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  • We recommend making reservations 1-2 days in advance to assure your preferred timing. If you wish to cancel your reservation, please let us know 24 hours in advance.
  • Arriving 15 minutes early will allow you to relax and enjoy our tranquil environment, preparing to make the most of the treatment. Please switch off your mobile phone to avoid being disturbed during your treatment.
  • Smoking is prohibited in the facility and we advise you to avoid any heavy meals or consumption of alcohol before your treatment.
  • If you are pregnant you may wish to avoid treatments with essential oils. Massages are not recommended during the first three months of pregnancy, but later it can help to relieve some of the common side-effects of pregnancy like back-pain or anxiety.
  • If you have a heart condition, high blood pressure, allergies, or other medical conditions we advise that you consult your doctor before booking the treatment. Please inform the therapist of any medical conditions and if you feel uncomfortable at any time during the treatment, please let the therapist know.

If you’re visiting us for the first time, please arrive 15-minutes early for your appointment to fill out a Health Questionnaire. In the interest of our guests if you arrive late your massage will still end at the scheduled time for the full rate applicable.

We plan our upcoming schedule around you, so in order for us to be well-prepared for your treatment, it is important to know who and how many clients are scheduled for the day. For this reason we require a mandatory Credit Card number including Postal Code on file to hold all bookings.

In addition for your safety in emergency situations we need to be able to account for all persons in the facility therefore it is essential you have made the correct booking.

Like other service-based businesses, cancellations and any other scheduling changes must be made 24 Hours prior to a scheduled appointment to avoid billing.

Our therapists and practitioners are compensated based on attendance of treatments and it would not be fair to take a booking away from one of them. For this reason, we are very strict with our cancellation policy as it directly effects our therapists and practitioners. If we allow clients to hold spaces and then waive fees when they cancel, no show, or reschedule under 24 hours, then we are preventing others from booking which prevents increased compensation for our employees. We hope you can respect and understand where we are coming from. 5 Elements Therapy also cannot subsidize these fees either as we want to provide the lowest possible prices for all our clients.

  • On your membership you can enjoy 4 (one hour) treatments per month at 25% savings per treatment.
  • Treatments can be shared with your family within the same household.
  • Treatments do not carry over to the next month.
  • Memberships can be cancelled upon providing 30-days written notice before your billing date after your first 30 Days.
  • Upon agreement termination of agreement any unused treatments by the expiry date shall expire and will not be refunded.

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